In 2013, we founded ORE with a clear aim to make the advantages of derivative trading accessible to more investors. Derivatives are an essential tool in every trader’s portfolio – They bring forth a wide range of possibilities, from simple hedging methods to dynamic trading strategies. Trading without derivatives is somewhat similar to driving a car with no insurance.

Our main challenge was to develop real time pricing methodologies and to provide real time electronic pricing. “Used correctly, derivatives allow investors to reach their optimal combination of risk and return. ORE harness the power of derivatives to efficiently provide well defined market opportunities.” 

Menachem Brenner, co-inventor of the volatility index (the VIX) , ORE advisory board.

Our pricing lab which the core of our offering uses proprietary machine learning algorithms in addition to conventional volatility based derivatives pricing and incorporate a unique look at external factor in and outside the market that might affect the price.

In 2016, we created ORE ECO – Electronic Cancellation Order – taking our mission a leap forward by seamlessly offering a “trade insurance” or “money-back-guarantee” product.

Our products help banks and brokers to take a step ahead of the competition, enhancing their customer’s trading experience and engagement. We continue to work on innovative trading products and tools.

We work with online brokers, banks, universities, marketers and financial news portals. Our professional team has the skills, expertise and experience to develop a tailor-made partnership which is right for your company. To find out more Contact Us.