dealCancellation is easyMarkets implementation of ORE ECO. It  is a tailor made embedded option that allows spot traders to cancel their losing trade.

When a trader opens a deal he can opt-in dealCancellation, and then if the market goes against his position he can choose to cancel the deal by invoking the dealCancellation option and get his investment money back. the value of the dealCancellation option is inversely proportioned   to the value of the spot position and thus the greater the lose of the spot deal the greater the value of the cancellation option.

we have designed and integrated dealCancellation option to fit easyMarkets specific trading system in terms of UI/UX, pricing, duration and other properties. we have also deployed our back-end, and risk management system to control and manage the activity and usage parameters of dealCancellation.

Since its release in September 2016, dealCancellation gained huge traction with easyMarkets traders and has become their flag-ship trading feature.

check out easyMarkets CEO discusses dealCancellation

dealCancellation Option is an ORE patent pending under the patent “Embedded Cancellation Option” application number 62334455