EURUSD Struggles To Recover Ground Lost Last Friday As Markets Wait For FOMC

The Euro lost 86 pips last Friday going from an open of 1.12403 to a close of 1.11545; over the past two days it has failed to recover any grounds as the markets get set up for the possibility of further interest rate hikes.

In fact the Euro plunged last Friday against the dollar as comments made by Ms. Yellen at the Jackson hole meeting reverberated throughout the market place as she seemed to many to be hinting at further interest rate hikes before year end.

The Federal Reserve Bank is scheduled to hold their next Federal Open Market Committee meeting tomorrow at 7pm with a state of the economy report, there will also be a press conference at 7:30pm. Most calls are for the central bank to leave interest rates unchanged, although two Federal Reserve primary dealers, Barclays Bank and BNP Paribas have both made statements where they believe an interest rate hike could already come at tomorrow’s meeting.

A lot of volatility could arise if there were a surprise hike, but there could also be a lot of action depending on how Hawkish or Dovish Ms. Yellen’s speech is. Increased talk of an imminent interest rate hike should send the Euro plunging further, whilst statements that may lead to interpretations of delay should see the Euro rally higher.

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