October 12 2016

Capital Protection Woos Investors

Investors are increasingly looking for financial products that have a mechanism that locks in underlying capital.

This is in response to concerns about global economic uncertainty reducing the potential for wealth generation. Another driver of demand is a phenomenon known as “the risk tolerance paradox”

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October 3 2016

easyMarkets CEO discusses ECO

When faced with a losing position, the tool allows the trader back out of his trade.‎

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September 20, 2016

5 reasons why ECO is a game changer

feature allows clients to cancel or back out of a losing trade within an hour after opening the position and have their original investment refunded instead of taking in the actual paper losses. Here’s why this feature is a huge game changer

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September 16, 2016

 “Last look” execution for banks only? Not anymore! ECO enables retail FX traders to pull out of trades with no loss 

One of the most divisive practices in the FX business these days is the banks’ privileged ability to pull out of or cancel trades that are not going in their favor, whilst all other participants from PBs to ECNs cannot do so

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September 16, 2016

Why newbies love ECO

It’s not often that traders get the opportunity to cancel a losing trade. That’s until dealCancellation came along and completely changed the way we view mistakes in the financial markets.

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September 10, 2016

 ORE’s Innovative new ECO product  to democratise trading like never before 

Trading is an exciting business and one that requires a particular combination of determination, drive and daring. A survey by Elite Trader found that 66.6% of traders were classed as NT (intuitive-thinking) when it came to their Myers-Briggs classification. Other personality types were far less likely to become traders: just 3.1% of traders were SP (sensing-perceiving), 6.3% were SJ (sensing-judging) and 12.2% were NF (intuitive-feeling). The poll shows clearly the link between successful trading and certain personality traits.

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