ORE ECO and US elections night

WOW! It happened! Donald Trump stunned the world, and sent many investors back to their drawing boards. Not to mention the many traders that would have been licking their wounds after having bet heavily on a win for Hilary Clinton.

But the story for investors using ORE’s ECO on this night was slightly different to most traders’ unfruitful experiences. ECO – Embedded Cancellation Option allows investors to cancel their losing trades within an hour of opening a position and get their funds back in full. This feature put an entirely different spin on election night.

At the beginning of the night all exit polls foretasted a clear Clinton win, and the Futures markets were calm.

Later on – As results started to come in, the notion of a Clinton victory strengthened.

Many investors thought this was a done deal, and started buying. Some of them were wise enough to enter the position with ECO.

As the count continued – Oops!, in a sharp turn of events the latest vote counts showed Trump as the likely winner!

Futures markets in Asia started falling and dragging many assets along with them. Investors who bought ECO were able to cancel their trades and get their money back!

This is what ECO is all about.

Donald Trump in Jupiter, Florida.

Trading during major events like this always has a tremendous upside, and of course a huge risk. ECO helps to mitigate this risk and makes nights like this a big opportunity.  ECO allows you to keep exposure to the upside of your trade while limiting your loss to zero during the first hour.

It is often necessary to initiate a trade early on perhaps before all the data has been received or completely digested. With this system, you can enter a position early knowing that if the outcome is not as expected, you can cancel the position during the first hour at zero loss.

As we move forward and many scenarios begin to unfold which create situations of uncertainty, many investors and traders are bracing ECO as it allows piece of mind when trading highly risky events with high impact outcomes.