Sterling Remains in Tight Range Ahead of Bank of England Meeting

Cable yesterday remained within its well defined range created over the past 10 trading sessions, with a day high of 1.22804 and a low of 1.22045. It also managed to close higher than the previous session for a third consecutive increase; which is the first time in a month, when Sterling was trading above 1.3000 to the US dollar.

The pound has been under renewed pressure with talk of the Governor of the Bank of England ending his term prematurely in 2018. He had initially been hired for a full 8 year term ending in 2022. Those rumors seem to have been silenced as people close to Mike Carney have said they believe he will stay on to see out his full term.

The Bank of England will be holding a scheduled monetary policy meeting tomorrow, and announcement on interest rates will be made at 12pm. No change is expected given the stronger than expected economic data, but we also have the release of the Quarterly Inflation report. This could create expectations of future Bank policy if it contains comments indicating much higher or lower expectations.

At 12:30pm Mike Carney will be giving a speech, among the usual subject of economy and monetary policy comments we should also hear something as to his permanence as Bank Governor.

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