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ORE’s patent pending ECO system allows investors to cancel their losing trades, and get their money back. The concepts of money-back-guarantee, or product warranty are common practice in the retail world. The reason for this is clear, it increases buyer’s assurance, and allows sellers to maintain a trust relationship with their clients. Read more

ORE Pricing Lab

ORE Pricing lab is the core of ORE,  implementing cutting-edge methodologies  developed specifically for our set of products, our Quants team is looking constantly to create accurate pricing  Read more

what we do
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Our pricing lab has been working on adding our Electronic Cancellation Order to shares trading. Imagine if you could buy Amazon with a money back guarantee for 1 hour after purchase.  Core of our offering uses proprietary machine learning algorithms in addition to conventional volatility based derivatives pricing and incorporate a unique look at external… Read More

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EUR/USD above the 1.1500 mark as markets relax.

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Cable yesterday remained within its well defined range created over the past 10 trading sessions, with a day high of 1.22804 and a low of 1.22045. It also managed to close higher than the previous session for a third consecutive increase; which is the first time in a month, when Sterling was trading above 1.3000… Read More

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ORE ECO Implementation - dealCancellation is now live

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